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Atelier de décoration Isabelle HEUREUX

An interior designer close to you

Born and raised in Europe, I lived for about ten years throughout Asia (Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong) choosing to stay a while in Brittany at the end of 1996.

My fascination for China, its past, its traditions and its culture is visible and reflects in my work as an interior designer.

An Expert in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is one branch of ancient Chinese spirituality that relates particularly to the impact of places where the human being resides; flats, houses, offices, factories, gardens, shops, ...

The Chinese tradition of Feng Shui combines ancient beliefs with architecture, landscaping and interior design; its aim is to find or create the best environment in which to live and work to your fullest potential.

The main idea in Feng Shui is based on the certainty that the way a space is constructed and decorated has a direct influence on the well-being of its inhabitants;
It is important to balance the interior design of a living space in order to allow positive energies to flow naturally.
A healthy and balanced way of living.

An Interior Designer

In order to achieve such results one must have the desire to work with all kinds of materials; wood, glass, metal, earth.
Interior design is about transforming those materials, learning to know them better in order to make them live differently.

Organizing the space that surrounds us, creating volumes, changing them in order to enhance them, building, destroying then rebuilding again, renovating, decorating, playing with colour, lights and aromas.

Inspired by the restoration of historical coatings

The technique of applying colored coatings to walls has been used for about four thousand years. More than a disguise, these tradional coatings were a top skin made of sand, lime and mineral pigments which protected and decorated the interior and exterior walls of buildings through colour, texture and design. The textures of these coatings is diverse; granular, porous, smooth or uneven, Their complexity and colour offers many doorways to perception. My work is to stimulate this perception by reviving them.

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Thank you to :

Veronig for being the driving force behind this new online venture.

Bob for his expert eye

Antonio Duarte for his pictures and Patrick de Montalivet (Chief Editor of Maison & Travaux) for his kind permission to use images.

Julie for her friendship, kindness and little words of encouragement at the right time.

Masae for her skill and patience of visual artist.

Elodie for her collaboration, her passion and her perseverance by my side since 2004

Thierry and all his team, old and new, for his steadfastness and his complicity since 2000 .

My clients for their trust, enthusiasm and, for some, their loyalty!

The craftsmen and companies for their collaboration and their know-how in the implementation of my projects.

All those people without whom my work would not be as fulfilled as it is today.

A beautiful human adventure ...

See you soon!